What is The Hub?

The Hub provides the structure to implement an Active Commuting program. It is the hardware and software that allows you to incentivize the kind of commuting you want to encourage, and allows your users to track their active commuting, earn awards and see the impact they can make by these choices.

That's the technical talk about The Hub – the real story is that The Hub provides an outlet for your employees to track their commutes, compete against their colleagues, and brag about their successes. It's a way to build community around choosing NOT to arrive at work every day in a single occupancy car. It's a way to visually see the way each day's commute adds up to new habits. And, it's a way to track the impact those 6 extra bad weather commutes (you know the ones that make you brag about how brave you were) will make in earning awards when the commuting weather is perfect (the ones that make you go a little slower or longer to enjoy every second of it).


How does it work?

  • A group is created, and the program structure and rules are added to the group profile. Flexible in nature, the group can choose what and how they count and track the trips.  The company can choose what types of trips it encourages, including biking, walking, carpooling and mass transit.
  • Participants create their profile, detailing their commute distance and trip type. Each time an active commute is taken, the participant simply SCANS and the trip is automatically added to their profile. One of the keys to success of any tracking program is the EASE OF USE for the participants. The Hub gives its user choices for scanning — centrally located box for scan with user's card; mobile interface for one-touch scanning; manual scanning directly from the website.
  • The website shows commuting statistics for each person, sub-group and the group as a whole. Leader boards show the top five commuters and awards are earned and tracked too. The interactive component of the website is highly motivating to users.  Tools like Challenges and the Random Commuter provide ample opportunity for the program to highlight the fun that comes from commuting choices.

What can I expect it to do for my company?

At Saris, we set out with the goal of getting 20% of our workforce to commute by bike 20% of the time. In the first three years of our commuter incentive program, we enjoyed successes like:

  • 25% of employees commuting weekly (on a regular basis, at least 20% of the time)
  • 300% increase in active participants (we always had the small group of “hardcore” bike commuters, but the program had bigger impact on the more casual riders
  • Over 100,000 miles ridden

View a full case study of Saris Cycling Group outcomes.

How do I get started?

Call us to talk about your program (or your ideas for a program) and how it can be made better by using The Hub. We can help you move from idea to implementation by sharing our best practices, and the lessons learned by other companies who share your goals.

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